Product Update 4/3/19

Product Update 4/3/19

What’s up famalia!

Kyle here, popping by to give you a quick update on our upcoming Badass Bottle. I’ll also be slapping you guys with a new (non-business) blog post this evening, stay tuned!

3-in-1 Design

For those of you who follow me on instagram (go follow if you aren’t), you’ve probably received a number of messages and seen a slew of posts asking for opinions on bottle design, color options, logo placement, etc. While this can seem annoying and repetitive, I want to deliver a product YOU actually want to see! Typically, a company will just launch a product based on their market research. They won’t poll the community, the won’t ask for opinions, they’ll just cross their fingers and pull the trigger. Of course I’ve done plenty of  research, but your opinions are what matter to me the most. One of the largest polls I did was asking what type of bottle you want to see – a stainless steel water bottle, stainless steel shaker bottle, or an insulated tumbler. I figured one of the options would lead the pack, and deliver us with a clear winner. Surprisingly, the numbers came back even, and there was a ton of demand for all three. Typically, I’d read the results and see money signs – now I can launch 3 DIFFERENT bottles, one of each, and the community will buy them all! Well, that’s great, but I already told you.. we’re not like every other company. Instead of wringing you out for every last cent, I want to take that information and deliver you something actually useful, hence, the 3 in 1 bottle design was created.

I worked with multiple manufacturers trying to lock down a design that will handle all three, and after many failed samples and attempts, we’ve finally nailed the design. Our final product is a sleek, premium stainless steel, double walled vacuum insulated bottle, happy to carry hot drinks, cold drink, and everything in between. The patented lid design is completely leak-proof (it sounds redundant, but our largest competitors in the steel shaker market all have terrible reviews, complaining of leaky bottles), and has a sweet rubber loop for easy carrying. The lid is twist off, and has a smaller twist off top for easy drinking (it locks back so it won’t bop your face while you-re drinking. Yes, we thought of everything). On the inside, we have convenient measurement markings for your shakes, never guesstimate again! The bottle comes with a surgical grade stainless steel shaker ball, making the blending of your shakes a joy. No more lumpy protein! The bottle is BPA free and *drum roll please* dishwasher safe. No more cleaning hassle.. throw this thing on the top rack and have a fresh new bottle each and every use.

The bottle will be launched at $32.99, significantly less than our ever popular hydroflask competitors. I can promise and ensure the bottle is worth every penny, and for all the varied uses, you’ll save yourself the headache of carrying around multiple bottles throughout the day. Our slogan? “The only bottle you’ll ever need”. We mean it! Production on the bottles is complete, along with a dope laser engraved logo (no shitty paint smearing all over the place), and production of the custom packaging started yesterday. The bottles will be shipped later this week, and should be available on Amazon (yes, free Amazon prime 2 day shipping) by the end of May. I’m super stoked to bring the community (and the world) something actually new, so you better be as well.

As always, feel free to ask any questions or make any suggestions in the comments below! 

Later Sk8rs

Kyle Adams



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