Just Do It

Just Do It

Greetings Badasses!

Thanks for swinging by. I’m sure the majority of you thought I had fled the states and took up refuge in Malaysia, but I assure you, my long absence from this site was just me being lazy. I cranked out some serious design upgrades to the site last week, but have been the biggest piece of shit when it comes to actually blogging. I procrastinated all day today, and finally forced myself to sit down and just start typing. Despite how dramatic I made that sound, I actually love to write. Once I’m plopped down and flowing, I really enjoy it – it’s just getting there that’s the hard part. Doing feels good. I need to remind myself to be a doer. This brings me to my topic today:

Just do it.

The words I just uttered are so incredibly profound it brings me to tears. It is the simplest mindset in the world, and one of the most potent, life changing ethos’s known to man (and women, you’re welcome 2019). I want you to do a little experiment: for a full day, carry around a note pad and pen. Every time you THINK about doing something, but decide to put it off (or skip it all together), put a tally. At the end of the day, count them up. It’s absolutely astounding how many things we shrug off throughout our day. Now multiply that by 7.. you’ve got yourself one hell of a procrastinated week. Put a tally for EVERYTHING shrugged off. Making the bed. Unloading the dishwasher. Picking up that piece of trash. Sending that email. Calling your parents. Everything.

Okay, once you have your day of tally’s, the next step is to take action. On the second day, DO EVERYTHING right when the thought enters your head. You notice the plants need watering. DO IT. Your dog needs brushing. DO IT. There will be stuff you won’t want to do, you will make excuses, you will say “Okay, hold on one sec”. No, not one sec, this is a challenge, it’s supposed to make you uncomfortable – Do it now. I’m serious, don’t skip a thing, or I’ll think you’re a little bitch and the class will make fun of you. (quick note: certain things HAVE to wait, such as going to the gym after work. The point being, if you think about the gym, you better believe you’ll be going once you get off). Now, at the end of your day, reflect. How do you feel? You literally accomplished everything you set your mind to. SPOILER: It feels fan-fucking-tastic. 

Congratulations. You’re a winner. The point of this challenge is to show you how good it feels to be a doer. So many of us (myself included at times) habitually put things off. If something is mildly inconveniencing, such as taking out the trash, we put it off until we absolutely have to do it. In the big picture, there’s nothing wrong, as long as the trash gets out on time. However, this small procrastination will bleed over into the rest of your life. You’ll start putting off things you ACTUALLY want to do, like taking that vacation. You’ll become an excuse machine, and wind up never doing anything you want to because you’re too damn lazy. Habitually doing the small stuff will add up. Being a doer will start to become part of your identity. You’ll notice your happiness sky rocketing – again, it feels good to do stuff. It feels good to get shit done.

My wife and I recently took a completely spur of the moment trip to Hawaii. I had a few days off from work, and was planning to just sit around and do the same shit I always do – gym, video games, work on the brand. Rinse and repeat. Randomly, I got the inclination to go somewhere I’ve always wanted to go. I forced my wife to agree (which she very reluctantly did), and booked the flights, Air BnB, and rental car the next day. I wasn’t saving up, I wasn’t planning on this, I just did it. I put that on a credit card and said fuck it. It was an amazing trip, and there will never be an ounce of regret for doing that. You know what I would regret? Looking back at that moment in time and saying “Shit, I had an opportunity, and I blew it”. I now have amazing memories from a spur of the moment decision – I’ll pay credit card interest on that any day. So many times we put our dreams on hold – we want to wait till the moment is just right. Well, here’s the thing, the time will NEVER be just right. You will always be able to find an excuse, whether it’s money, timing, or whatever generic excuse you want to throw at me.

Now, I know the thought of sporadically doing something can be daunting, and there’s plenty of people who will argue something like a random vacation is irresponsible – here’s the thing though. I’m a doer. I know I’m a doer. I’ve spent years tackling the little shit, so I KNOW if times get tight, if that vacation does cause stress, I’ll DO what I need to do to take care of business. I’ll work over time. I’ll pick up cans. I’ll sell my body (wait, what). Here’s the point. When you start small, as we outlined in the challenge above, the little efforts add up. Not only do they boost your productivity, they strengthen your resolve. Before you know it, you’ll be slaying giants. You’ll be accomplishing everything you want to accomplish and living the life that you’ve only dreamed of. That life is there for the taking, you’ve just got to DO what’s necessary to get it.

Become a doer. YOU will thank yourself.


  • Day One: Make a tally every time you mentally note to do something, and put it off (no matter how small)
  • Day Two: Do everything that comes to mind, as it comes to mind (take that can out to recycling you POS)
  • For the rest of your life: Be a doer. Slay the giants. Prosper.

Let me know how YOUR two day challenge goes in the comments below!

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Get out there and crush it, badass!


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